• Committee of Ministers

Guiding principles for sustainable spatial development of the European Continent

Recommendation of 30 January 2002 - Part V Paragraph 4 is dedicated to mountain areas (Rec(2002)1)

Principles of a strategy for tourism development in mountain regions

Recommendation of 7 February 1979 (No. R (79) 4)

Ecological Charter for mountain regions in Europe

Resolution of 21 May 1976 ((76) 34)

Endangered Alpine regions

Resolution of 15 April 1975 ((75) 9)

Economic and social problems of mountain regions

Resolution of 27 February 1974 ((74) 7)

  • Parliamentary Assembly (PACE)

Sustainable development of mountain regions

Recommendation of 25 November 2003 (1638)

Introduction of a quality label for food products derived from hill farming

Recommendation of 3 September 2002 (1575)

Quality label for mountain resorts in Europe

Recommendation of 4 November 1999 (1433)

Draft European Charter of mountain regions

Recommendation of 27 June 1995 (1274)

European regional planning and the role and function of Alpine regions

Resolution of 30 January 1979 (687)

European functions of the Alpine regions

Resolution of 3 July 1974 (570)

Farming in moutain areas

Recommendation of 1st February 1968 (517)

  • Congress of Local and Regional Authorities (CLRA)

Sustainable development of mountain regions and the experience of the Carpathians mountains

Resolution of 28 October 2010 (315)

Challenges and opportunities for peripheral and sparsely populated regions

Resolution of 1st June 2007 (245)

International Year of Mountains - a new political projet for Europe's mountains: turning disinherited mountain areas into a ressource

Resolution of 6 June 2002 (136)

Cooperation of the Alpine regions

Resolution of 19 October 1983 (143)

Rural and agricultural regions and mountain regions

Resolution of 20 October 1982 (132)

  • Standing Committee of the Convention on the Conservation of European Wildlife and Natural Habitats

Guidance for Parties on biodiversity and climate change in mountain regions

Resolution of 9 December 2010 (145)

Conservation of natural areas outside protected areas proper

Recommendation of 6 December 1991 - Part VI Paragraph 2 is dedicated to mountain areas (25)


International Conference "Sustainable development of the Carpathians and other European mountain regions"

Final declaration of 10 September 2010, Uzhgorod (Ukraine)

Conference "Sustainable development of mountain regions, European transit policy and the challenge of globalisation"

Final declaration of 17 June 2003, Cavalese (Italy)

European Charter on Water Resources, 17 October 2001

This Charter doesn't mention mountain areas in a specific binding disposition but explains in Paragraph 1 how the whole text is relevant to them :

Fresh water constitues only 2.7% of the Earth's overall water mass, and to a large extent it is in a frozen state in the polar caps and the snow cover of high mountains.

3rd European Conference of Mountain Regions

Final declaration of 17 September 1994, Chamonix (France)