Appenzell Innerrhoden (AI)

Verordnung über Investitionshilfe für Berggebiete, 31 October 2005

This prescription transposes the federal law on financial support for mountainous areas (today repealed) : procedure, budget, competent authorities, etc.

Alpverordnung, 12 February 1996

This text regulates activities in the Alps : grazing, bike tracks, walking with dogs, etc. It completes the law on the Alps (see below).

Fischereiverordnung, 28 October 1996

This prescription regulates fishing in canton Appenzell Innerrhoden. Article 12§4 provides that fishing in mountain lakes is only authorized from the shore. See also articles 14§2 and 14§5.

Alpgesetz, 30 April 1995

This law aims at protecting and conserving alpine territories, considered as life and leisure spaces for people, animals and plants, but safeguarding of an organized management.