National legislation

Ordonnance sur les dénominations "montagne" et "alpage", 25 May 2011

This prescription describes conditions a product has to respect to be be granted the authorization to bear the word "mountain" or "mountain pasture" on its label.

Ordonnance sur les installations à câbles, 21 December 2006

This prescription regulates the authorization, building and use of cable railways.

Ordonnance encourageant l'octroi de cautionnements et de contributions au service de l'intérêt dans les régions de montagne, 22 December 1976

This prescriptions completes the federal law on the same subject (see above) : what the conditions to benefit from the financial support are, procedure, etc.

► Loi fédérale sur l'octroi de cautionnements et de contributions au service de l'intérêt général dans les régions de montagne et le milieu rural en général, 25 June 1976

This law aims at facilitating long and medium-term loans to small and medium establishments in mountainous regions and rural areas in general.

Ordonnance concernant l'amélioration du logement dans les régions de montagne, 17 April 1991

This prescription describes the measures taken to improve accomodation in mountainous areas. Conditions to benefit from this prescription are described in another text (see above).

Ordonnance sur les limites de revenu et de fortune dans le cadre de l'amélioration du logement dans les régions de montagne, 24 September 1993

This short prescription gives the limits of income and fortune under which one can benefit from the state financial support on accomodation in mountainous areas (see below).

Ordonnance sur les zones agricoles, 7 December 1998

In Switzerland, the surface used for agricultural purposes is divided in regions and zones in the register of agricultural production ("cadastre").  Article 1 of this prescription provides that the mountainous region is divided in four zones (I to IV). Article 2 gives criteria to define these zones (weather conditions, lines of communication, etc.). Article 6§1 provides that the Federal Office for Agriculture (FOAG) can change the boundaries of these zones under certain conditions.

Ordonnance sur les améliorations structurelles dans l'agriculture, 7 December 1998

As the law on agriculture, mountainous areas are considered in this prescription as special territories that need stronger support by the State. Article 18 for example provides that among others the building, transformation and renovation of alpine facilities can be supported. See also articles 10a§1, 14§2 and 17§3.

Loi fédérale sur l'agriculture, 29 April 1998

This law on agriculture is general and very detailled. Mountainous areas are considered as a territory that has to receive a special treatment because of its particular climate and geography. For example, article 93 provides that the State can support small tradition enterprises to build new infrastructure in mountainous regions under certain conditions. See also articles 4, 32§3, 50§2, 74§1, 95§2, 107§2 and 107a.

Ordonnance sur le bétail de boucherie, 26 November 2003

Article 8 of this prescription provides that the State can support the building of slaughter facilities in certain mountainous areas (zones I to IV, see below).

Loi fédérale sur la radio et la télévision, 24 March 2006

This law regulates the whole Swiss territory, but two provisions (articles 57 and 78§2) refer directly to mountainous areas. For instance, one provides that distributors can receive financial support from the State if radio broadcasting in these areas causes them to spend more than usual.