Freiburg (FR)

Ordonnance fixant les conditions d'estivage, 3 April 2010

This prescription aims at setting conditions to summer grazing of animals herds in mountainous areas of Freiburg.

Loi sur l'agriculture, 3 October 2006

Article 16§2 provides that loans can be granted under certain conditions to promote for instance building ou revation projets. Article 21 points out that the rate of such a loan can not normally exceed 50% of the global investment - a rate that can exceptionally be as high as 70% in mountainous areas.

Règlement sur le tourisme, 21 February 2006

Article 86 of this prescription provides that networks of marked hiking trails can not constitute a ground for liability on the part of local authorities or private owners. Walkers use them at their own risk.

Loi sur la chasse et la protection des mammifères, des oiseaux sauvages et de leurs biotopes, 14 November 1996

Article 33§1 of this law provides that important and regular damage caused by stags or chamois to mountain pastures are compensated.

Loi d'application de la loi fédérale sur le droit foncier rural, 28 September 1993

Article 2§1 of this law on rural property law provides that municipalities have a preemption right on mountain pastures that are totally or largelly situated on their territory.

Arrêté relatif à la conservation du patrimoine architectural alpestre, 10 April 1990

This order's goal is the conservation of alpine architectural heritage. The latter includes alpage facilities, alpine huts, barns, etc. Different measures have to be taken, like the inventory of chalets.