Glarus (GL)

Land- und Alpwirtschaftsverordnung, 5 October 2004

This prescrition regulates cantonal support to independent agricultural production and commercialization of agricultural products and the management of the Alps.

Gesetz über Investitionshilfe für Berggebiete, 3 May 1998

This law transposes the federal law on financial support for mountainous areas (today repealed) : procedure, conditions, competent authorities, etc.

Verordnung zum kantonalen Jagdgesetz, 27 June 1990

Article 19§2 of this prescription provides that it is vorbidden to store hunting weapons, ammunition and traps of any kind in the Alps and alpine huts outside the hunting season without a written authorization from the cantonal authorities.

Beschluss über Schongebiete für Murmeltiere, 25 June 1980

This decision aims at proctecting marmots by creating special protection areas for them. Moreover, killing marmots in these areas is punished with a fine or a prison sentence.