Legge regionale "Tesco unico della leggi regionali in materia di agricoltura, foreste, pesca e sviluppo rurale", 5 December 2008

Article 24 and 24 bis of this regional law regulate public intervention in favor of agriculture and preservation of heritage in mountainous areas.

Legge regionale "Interventi regionali in favore della popolazione dei territori montani", 15 October 2007

This regional law recognizes mountainous areas as territories of regional interest. It aims at protecting their landscape, identity, values as well as morphological, cultural and ethical particularities and at promoting socio-economic development of local communities.

Regolamento regionale "Promozione e tutela delle discipline sportive della montagna", 6 December 2004

This regional prescription regulates professions of ski instructor and mountain guide and organizes the use of slopes in ski resorts.

Legge regionale "Norme per lo sviluppo dello sport e delle professioni sportive in Lombardia", 8 October 2002

Chapter IV of this regional law aims at promoting and regulating mountain sport : exercise of alpine professions, training courses, ski schools, etc.

Legge regionale, disposizioni per la valorizzazione, lo sviluppo et la tutela del territorio montano, 29 June 1998

One of the main objectives of the political and administrative action carried out by the Lombardia Region is the safeguard and promotion of mountain territories. For this purpose, the present Regional Act regulates the special interventions to be undertaken on mountains, in compliance with the principle of subsidiarity. The Act shall be enforced by the Communes, the Mountain Communities, the Provinces and the Regional Council. Article 3 creates the Regional Fund for Mountain, intended for funding the above-mentioned special interventions. The less-favoured areas shall be determined in accordance with the criteria and parameters to be fixed by the Regional Council. Therefore, the Mountain Communities shall classify their respective territories into the three homogeneous zones referred to in article 5. Title II of the Regional Act makes provision on territorial actions, taking into particular account the protection of forest resources (which is entrusted to the Mountain Communities as per article 7), the protection of green agricultural areas (art. 8) and environmental conservation interventions (art. 9). Title III concerns interventions relating to the economic system, giving particular attention to the development of agricultural and zootechnical activities. Article 6 refers to the recognition of mountain organizations by the Region. Further provisions regard subsidies to be granted in favour of the agricultural, hunting and fisheries sectors. Title VI provides for the establishment of the Mountain Committee and the Mountain Counsel.

Legge regionale "Realizzazione, ammodernamento e potenziamento degli impianti per l'esercizio degli sport invernali", 11 June 1998

This regional law aims at promoting and enhancing mountain and alpine economic activities (building and modernization of cableways, ski slopes and facilities) in order to ensure users' safety.

Legge regionale "Interventi regionali a favore dei servizi di soccorso alpino, guide alpine, servizio valanghe operanti in regione", 28 July 1982

This regional law provides that the region supports financially among others the protection of wild heritage, the safety of tourism and the organization of avalanche services.