Gesetz über den Zugang zu Informationen über die Umwelt

Regulations ensuring the public's right of access to information on the environment.

Gesetz über die burgenländisches Landesumweltanwaltschaft

This law establishes an environmental ombudsman to protect nature and environment.

Burgenländisches Umwelthaftungsgesetz

Law concerning the prevention and rehabilitation of environmental damages.

Burgenländisches Tourismusgesetz 2014

The objective of this law is to encourage the tourism in Burgenland.

Burgenländisches Raumplanungsgesetz

For certain plans and programs is – according to § 10a – an environmental testing necessary.

Burgenländisches Ökoförderungsgesetz

Rules concerning the grant of benefits from the eco energy stock. 

Burgenländisches Naturschutz- und Landschaftspflegegesetz

Law on nature and landscape protection in Burgenland containing rules on the protection of nature as a basis for life of humans.

Burgenländisches Landwirtschaftsförderungsgesetz

Regulations on the promotion and development of an efficient agriculture and forestry.

Burgenländisches Jagdgesetz 2004

This law contains instructions for hunt practice including regulations concerning closed season.

Burgenländisches Bodenschutzgesetz

The objective of this law is to protect and improve the fertility of agricultural soil.

Burgenländisches Artenschutzverordnung 2001

This regulation completes the „Burgenländisches Naturschutz- und Landschaftspflegegesetz“and contains rules concerning the protection of animals and plants.

Burgenländisches Abfallwirtschaftsgesetz 1993

Regulations on waste industry. § 4 stipulates that waste management has to be organized in a way that toxic or adverse effects on human, animals and plants, their livelihood and nature, is avoided.