Other Instruments

▪ EU Strategy on Adaptation to Climate Change

The Strategy complements the activities of the EU member states, it aims at promoting coordination and information sharing between member states and ensuring that adaptation considerations are addressed in all relevant EU policies.


  • Nordic Centre for Spatial Development Studies

▪ Analysis of mountain areas in EU member States, acceding and other European countries

Nordic Centre for Spatial Development Study of January 2004


  • Advocate General opinions

▪ Use of the word "mountains" as references in meat products and use of geographical indications and designations of origin

Opinion of Advocate General Jacobs of 24 October 1996


  • Commission staff working documents

▪ New insights into mountain farming in the EU

Commission staff working document of 16 December 200


  • Court of Auditors reports

▪ Application of 31 December 1980 of Council Directive 75/268/EEC on mountain and hill

farming and farming in certain less-favoured areas

Court of Auditors special report of 31 December 1980 (page 1 to 30)

▪ New strategy for mountain regions

Report of 16 October 1998, by Giacomo Santini (A4-0368/98)

▪ Community action for mountain areas

Committee of the Regions Report of 12 February 2003 (2003/C 128/05)