Liechtenstein has ratified all the protocols to the Alpine Convention.

► Baugesetz, 11 December 2008

Article 66 regulates artifical snowmaking in winter sport resorts: authorisation of new snow machines, landscape protection, environmental impact assessment, obligations (no additives, period of snowmaking, etc.).

► Landwirtschaftsgesetz, 11 December 2008

Article 42 provides that the State can take measure to guarantee a sustainable, nationwide management of agricultural usable mountain and Alpine areas. See also: articles 48 and 49.

► Kundmachung der aufgrund des Zollvertrages im Fürstentum Liechtenstein anwendbaren schweizerischen Rechtsvorschriften, 9 December 2014

This prescription lists Swiss legal provisions which are also in force on the territory of Liechtenstein. Among them are included :
- Berg- und Alp-Verordnung, 25 May 2001 (Ordonnance sur les dénominations "montagne" et "alpage")

- Seilbahnverordnung, 21 December 2006 (Ordonnance sur les installations à câbles)

- Schlachtviehverordnung, 26 November 2003 (Ordonnance sur le bétail de boucherie)

These documents are gathered in the "Switzerland" section.